Wellness Phone Consultations:

If you see your doctor on an annual basis, you should also come see a Physical Therapist on an annual basis also! Your annual visit will help us determine your health status and identify health risks of individuals in the community.

If staff determine during the call that Skilled Therapy is the goal for the client, you will be deemed ineligible for this consultation. Consultations are on a first come first serve. If appointments are not available, you will be placed on a waitlist to be called back at a proper time.

This charged consultation is a brief discussion with Dr.Banks to clarify any concerns, and or options for a client. We use an evidence-based approach that we can discuss of any known studies relating to a specific condition. It is not used to diagnose, provide exercises, or conduct a thorough evaluation. To determine if you are good fit you will need to complete the Discovery Session with personnel trained to discuss basic questions about the diagnosis and gather further information for intake.

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