Anodyne Therapy

Anodyne Therapy is a drug-free and injection free path to pain relief. It delivers a unique pattern of a photoenergy (light) that stimulates local blood circulation (delivering necessary oxygen and to nutrients muscles and nerves) to relieve pain. A few minutes of Anodyne daily increases circulation and provides pain relief that lasts for several hours or even days.

Clinical data show that 90% of patients obtain relief from chronic foot/leg, knee and back pain, which dramatically improved their quality of life. Within a month, patients experienced pain relief of 50%-60% (and even more in some cases)! 51% of patients even reported reducing or eliminating their use of pain medications, according to the data in two separate studies.

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Do You Suffer from Back Pain?

Low Laser Light Therapy 

Are you suffering from any disease such as Arthritis or Fibromyalgia?  Let’s talk about Low Laser Therapy! This new technology decreases your pain and inflammation in your joints by improving blood flow to your tissues.

Laser released by this equipment is responsible for stimulating the blood and nervous system.  As a final result, your body responds, releasing endorphins and dopamine, thus freeing you from pain. That’s the magic behind this laser for pain therapy!

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