The Best Way to Learn About Our Reputation is to Hear from Our Clients!

“Dr. Banks is a phenomenal Physical Therapist. She is experienced and skilled at the work she does. I really appreciate her patience and time. Thanks for working with me”.

- Sadie M.

“Dr. Katrina Banks is the best Physical Therapist I have ever gone to. I was so impressed with her professional service. She takes her time and doesn’t cut corners. My vitals are taken at every visit. I received one on one care and the aromatherapy in the space is amazing. I’m so happy I found her. Dr. Banks and her staff are top notch.”

- Rhonda HR.

“I’ve been in and out of PT since I was a kid due to my cerebral palsy. This past year I had two surgeries on my back and I wanted to get more from the “standard” PT. Dr. Bank has surpassed my expectations. She is excellent and I looked forward to my sessions. She takes the time to understand my issues and she brings customer service to a new level by my having her full attention for every visit rather than having to share her attention with other patients.”

- Lia M.

“I can’t recommend Neurologic Optimal Wellness PT enough! Dr Banks is knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and supportive. I had my wellness consult with her this morning and it was one of the best visits I ever had on my issue. She treated me as a human being, listened to my concerns, and made me feel safe to share my concerns, etc. The visit was helpful more than anyone will know. I thank you Dr Banks!! I highly recommend Neurologic Optimal Wellness PT and Dr Banks!!!”

- Mateusz M.

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