In- Network Accepted Insurances

Patient insurance benefits are verified after your Discovery Session but before the start of treatment. Please understand it is a client responsibility to understand your insurance and specific plan under your insurance. If you do not see your listed health insurance in the following list individualized payment arrangements are available for those without accepted coverage at Neurologic Optimal Wellness. We also do accept Care Credit which you can apply over the phone with no effect to your credit. We will work with you to accommodate your needs the best we can, please call 413-318-4776.

All Pending Insurances are updated on an as needed basis. Updated: 7/10/2024

Health New England

Specific accepted plans:

  1. BeHealthy
  2. HNE Medicare Advantage
  3. HNE PPO

Medicare B

  1. Medicare B (Part A is only for hospital)

Blue Cross Blue Shield

  1. Idemnity
  2. PPA
  3. HMO Blue
  4. MA HMO
  5. MAPPO


Masshealth (Wellsense)

*Wellsense Only

For All Out-Of Network Insurances

For those with insurances  not accepted at Neurologic Optimal Wellness; there are still options!  You are required to pay up front fees for services and then we can create a superbill that you can provide to your insurance company. Your insurance will then determine if you are able to be reimbursed for any charges made up front via their reimbursement rate.

Another great option Is to apply to the care credit program which can be used for your entire family including pets! This can be for any healthcare and Wellness needs for most companies.

Click here to be directed directly to the Care Credit Application.

or call 413-318-4776 to apply directly over the phone. Less than 2 mins to be pre-approved!