As a clinician for the past 13 years,  Dr. Banks has become very passionate with working with clients with Neurological disorders. Working in many different settings in her career, she noticed that there were limited options for her clients  with Neurologic disorders to continue outpatient rehabilitation services once discharged from the hospital setting.  Knowing the importance of continued rehabilitation in a timely fashion would lead to better outcomes post discharge from the hospital setting, she decided it was time to create Neurologic Optimal Wellness Physical Therapy also known as (NOW PT)!

The creation of Neurologic Optimal Wellness Physical Therapy LLC in January 6, 2020 was an amazing day! Dr. Banks was just that much closer to her dream in providing high quality Neurologic rehabilitation. Then Covid hit! It slowed things down a bit and she was so close to giving up the idea of the business. Keeping in mind that there were people who could benefit from these services, she decided to pivot and started mobile physical therapy services within patient’s homes.

The reality really came to light when she launched on July 1st 2020! Working as a physical therapist has rewardingly allowed her to be able to connect with clients, educate on preventative measures, and play a major role in assisting each and every one in reaching their specific goals through rehabilitation. Working in her private practice has allowed her to provide that 1:1 attention that allows for her clients specific needs to be heard and to provide the utmost quality of care in a calming environment.

Neurologic Optimal Wellness opened up its physical clinic in January 2022 at Venture X in Holyoke which has allowed us to continue to have a positive impact on the Springfield and surrounding community!

Word has gotten out and there has been an increased need in services for clients. Because of the increase in clients, we found our new home in Agawam, MA! We have expanded our space and are currently seeing clients at this new location since January 2023.

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