5 Reason To See A Physical Therapist!

Most people only see a Physical Therapist once they encounter an accident or after a surgery.

Let me tell you the 5 reasons why you should be seeing a Physical Therapist regularly. You reach out to your primary care if something goes array. Why not a Physical Therapist?

Injury prevention: You should see your physical therapist annually just like you would see your primary care. Why not get a full body assessment to make sure your body is in working order. Let’s prevent that back pain from occurring early with education on biomechanics and posture instead of a problem arising and slowing you down. You will have the opportunity to ask questions if your noticing changes with your mobility.

  • Help Control a Disease or Condition: Lets talk about type 2 Diabetes. Did you know that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with eating right and exercising? What you consume as your diet is likely the root cause of being diagnosed with type II diabetes. I’ll never forget the client that I saw with type 2 diabetes. Upon my assessment, I noticed a foot wound that the client was unaware of on the bottom of her foot which turned out to be infected. One symptom of diabetes is sensory loss. Most people have no idea they have even stepped on a nail or a tack. The client had loss feeling in the foot, was not exercising and not compliant with taking insulin. I had to refer her back to the doctor to take care of the wound. It was my job to provide an exercise program, assist the client in monitoring their blood sugar, encouragement to eat healthier, and to make sure being compliant with insulin intake. Implementing just a few changes and providing education allowed great results where the client loss weight, was more physically active, able to walk further distances in the community and overall blood sugar levels dropped! This is just one example on how PT’s help control disease or conditions!
  • Avoid Surgery: Avoid surgery at all cost! Its costly out of pocket and sometime surgery doesn’t fix the problem. I had a client with a slipped disk in the lower back. MRI showed it clearly on imaging. The doctor recommended the client see a surgeon. The surgeon indicated that surgery could be done but again it may not alleviate pain completely. Physical Therapy was trialed first and I was able to figured out what positions alleviated or caused pain.  I taught the patient core stability exercises, educated on biomechanics with lifting/pushing/pulling, and performed some soft tissue work.  Overall patient pain improved and able to maintain their activity within the community. Not everyone’s story will be the same but at least trial Physical Therapy before you decide on surgery.
  • Multiple falls: If you have fallen more than once in week or having frequent falls, you need to see Physical Therapy! We will assess your balance and then challenge you in improving mobility, balance, and strength. Trust me, the last thing you want is a broken hip that leaves you bed bound or a head injury that can truly alter your life! I’ve seen to many people whose lives were changed after a fall.
  • Slowing down the aging process: Exercise slows down the aging process by keeping skin cells healthy so you’ll look younger than your age which isn’t a bad perk! Exercise does your body good for the cardiovascular system by getting your heart rate up and blood flowing throughout the body.  Exercise is good for the brain especially in making new connections with those with progressive neurologic disorders. Think of your brain as the powerhouse of your body! Without it, you cannot pick up your cup of coffee without spilling it.  It is recommended via CDC guidelines to get 150 minutes of exercise a week (30 minutes a day 5 days a week) Not everyone can do that based on chronic conditions that may prevent strenuous exercises but keep in mind some physical activity is better than none! As a Physical Therapist, I have created hundreds of exercise programs that are specific to my client’s needs.

If you’re suffering from back pain, falls, a chronic illness, just want to stay in shape preventing injury and want to slow down your aging process, call your physical therapist! Choose Optimal Wellness and call us today at 413-318-4776.

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Dr. Katrina Banks, PT DPT, CCI, CSRS, LSVT-BIG, NCS

Board Certified Neurologic Specialist